Friday, June 8, 2012

My Boilermaker 15K training plan.

My next race has totally crept up on me! I've been so busy basking in my post-marathon and new-5K-PR glow that I failed to pay attention to the fact that the Boilermaker 15K is a mere 29 days away.

29 days?!?
 And I haven't even started to train . . .

In fact, my mileage has been hovering right around 20 miles a week pretty much since the marathon. I need to pick it up.

Because, of course, I have a time goal for the Boilermaker. And there is no way that I'll hit it without some work. So, my training starts today: 4 miles of hills while pushing my 29-lb toddler in the stroller.

Tomorrow: 9 miles with friends. Sunday: 5 miles easy.

And then I've put together this 4-week 15K training plan:

T: easy 4 miles
W: speedwork (6 x 800 @ 5K pace)
Th: easy 4 miles
Sat: 10miles
Sun: easy 4 miles

T: easy 4 miles
W: speedwork (4 x 1mile @ 10K pace)
Th: easy 4 miles
Sat: 12 miles
Sun: 4 miles, w/2 @ race pace

T: easy 4 miles
W: speedwork (4 x 1mile @ 10K pace)
Th: easy 4 miles
Sat: 10 miles
Sun: easy 4 miles

T: 4 miles with 1-minute pick-ups @ race pace
W: easy 4 miles
F: easy 4 miles
Sun: RACE!
(Since the Boilermaker is hilly and I happen to live in hill-central, almost all of my miles will be hilly ones.) 

So, that's what the next month looks like for me. I'm kinda happy to have a plan in place. Although I've enjoyed this free running for the past month, it will be good to focus a little on results again. Let's hope so, anyway!

Now, I'm off for that stroller run! Have a great weekend, everyone!

~ Felice


J said...

The boilermaker is right around the corner! Im running it this year too - hopefully it isn't too hot!

macnic said...

You're a freaking HERO for pusing 29lbs of kiddo in a stroller during a hill run.

The Happy Runner said...

My arms and hamstrings would tell you that I am slightly ridiculous for pushing 29lbs of kiddo in a hilly run! My arms and legs were both shaking when I finished!

Anonymous said...

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