Monday, October 22, 2012

Such good fortune.

I'm very fortunate -- for many reasons -- and I was reminded of a major one this weekend: My friends.

I have some super wonderful friends and this past weekend we all went away together. It was great fun. Great, great fun.

We spent Friday night in, and then hit the little town on Saturday for some walking around and shopping:

Bridget and me taking a break outside a shop.

We let loose on Saturday night. Everyone got dressed up and then we went out to dinner and to a gasp! nightclub. Well, a pizza nightclub -- pizza parlor by day, bar-with-a-dance-floor by night. 

That's me with Noelle before heading out for the night.

And me with Gina at the Irish bar.

Last stop was the pizza nightclub: Monique, Lisa, me, Stacey, Gina and Noelle in the back row. Janis, Jen and Karyn in the middle. Kara and Bridget in front.

Pizza nightclub. No lie. It was a tad strange but it worked. There weren't many options in the tiny town where we were staying so we went with it. It didn't much matter where we went, honestly, because we were going to have a good time no matter what. And we did.

Not that I forget very often, but this weekend reminded me that I'm really fortunate to have these awesome friends. I love them all!

And, if you're wondering, yes. I ran. Just a 4 miler on Saturday but they were 4 incredibly hilly miles and they were covered with friends so it was a terrific run. 

Now, I'm all about catching up with home and running and non-junk food eating! In other words, I need to recover from the weekend :-)

Thanks for stopping by -- have a good week!

~ Felice


Miz said...

Im recovered.
Im ready for this weekend.

Kenley said...

Xheers to a happy recovery.

price per head services said...

It is for me the same but it is quite hard for us to gather together but when our schedules sync we pass a great time.

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