Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September recap.

Wow, September flew by. I guess that's what happens when your first child heads off to kindergarten -- time starts to really fly.

And fly it did. With the rush of school starting, the peak of half-marathon training, my first-of-two fall half-marathons, and some work deadlines, the month was a whirlwind. And it shows in my mileage.

Here's what September looked like for me:

Running (miles): 81.6 
Races: 1 -- the ZOOMA Cape Cod half-marathon
Cross training (sessions): lots -- at least two a week
Planks: one a day!

Eh, so, my mileage was hardly over 80. What can you do? The cool thing about this month's mileage is that it kicked me over 1000 for the year -- I ended September with 1021.9 miles so far in 2012. It means nothing, really. But I think it is cool.

My goal for October is to run strong in my half on Sunday, continue my daily planks, and ratchet up my cross-training. With no major races on my schedule after October 7th, I think some concentrated cross training will do my body good.

That's my plan, at least.

Happy October, everyone!

~ Felice


Andrea H said...

Have fun in your next race.

macnic said...

Enjoy the next race and cross training. September was a very low month for me too, must be the time of year?

absolute healthy eating said...

Thanks for the recap. Enjoy and have fun on your next race. :)

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