Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 2.

This 100 push up challenge is kicking my butt. Seriously.

Today is Day 2, which calls for 54 -- yes, that's right, 54 -- push ups, broken into sets of 12/12/10/10/10, with 90 seconds of rest between sets.

How was Day 1 so easy and Day 2 such a killer?

Why am I such a sucker for a challenge?

Because, you see, I am. I'm a sucker for a challenge. I signed up for the NaBloPoMo challenge over at The Little Jobber, in part because I had to see if I could write something (of interest, I hope) every day for a month. And I signed up for this push up thing because I had to see if I could actually work up to 100 push ups in 6 weeks. Why not, right?

I guess that's part of why I like running -- it is a challenge. Every time I go out for a run, there's a challenge involved. Will I run as far as I've planned to? Will I gleefully bound up the hills? Will I add a few strides at the end of my run? And then there are the races. As I've mentioned before, I love races. Since I'm not the fastest runner out there, I'm not going to win any races. But, the challenge lies in running my own race: Meeting my goal, feeling good when I'm done, running strong across the finish line.

Yes, the challenge is a big part of why I like to run and I enjoy a good challenge. And, for all the soreness of my arms this morning (and my core -- why didn't I know that push ups are all about the core????), I really am enjoying this push up challenge.


carla said...


Im sore other places, sure, but Im **sore** there.


Fit Bottomed Girls said...

It seems like everyone is trying this push-up challenge lately....I had a drill I do in bootcamp where I make my people do 10 push ups, 10 squats, then 10 jacks. Then we do sets of 9, 8, 7...all the way down to 1. Then, if they're up for me (or if I'm feeling particularly evil) we do it again, starting at 1 and working to 10.

However, I let them do modified push ups....

Maybe I should give this push up challenge a try, too.

Anonymous said...

YES ON THE CORE! I totally forgot that. And really, when I used to do real push-ups, it was when I was fit and before I had two c-sections. I cut myself some slack and I am repeating week one and I am totally fine with that and I can already feel that I am stronger. My core is weak and between this challenge and doing planks, I am gunna make it strong.

Oh- and I linked over from Workout Mommy site ;)

Felice Devine said...

MizFit -- Definitely sore other places, too!

Fit bottomed girls -- That drill sounds tough, but I imagine it really works!

Hannah -- Wow, I don't know if I would even be attempting the challenge if I'd had two c-sections. It's tough enough after just having that area stretched from pregnancy. Rock on!

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