Saturday, June 21, 2008

So I went for bust.

I didn't make my goal of breaking 24 minutes in the 5K this morning. Rats!

I gave it my best shot, though, and I crossed the finish line in 24:15. Just about the same time as my last 5K.

And the race was great! It started and ended at Bruno Stadium (minor league baseball) and there was a nice crowd that came out for the event. The post-race refreshments were served at the covered pavilion and included oranges, cookies, bagels, pop corn and hot dogs. No, I didn't go for a hot dog -- that's a little much for me. We stayed to watch the kids race, which was a loop around the baseball field, and was pretty cool.

The worst part of the day occurred when I got home. I was smacked by a migraine. Ugh! I could tell it was coming on when I started losing vision in my right eye. That progressed to seeing a zigzag aura and then, bam! Full-blown migraine. I took Imitrex at the first sign of the migraine and maybe it helped a little, but not much. I still had the debilitating headache, and still threw up from it.

Four hours later, it is starting to fade and I'm hugely relieved. These migraines suck!

This one was surely brought on by exertion. I've gotten them before when I've run races in the heat and the temperature for today's 5K was hot, but not terrible. I think what did it was that the whole race route was in the sun and that ol' sun was strong.

Bleh. Why do headaches have to go and ruin a perfectly good day?


carla said...

hope the head is better today-----although things like that are always better on week days and hang on over the weekENDS huh?


Felice Devine said...

The head is better, thanks. It does suck when those things eat up the weekend. The race was so much fun and then the headache was a BIG bummer!

Kevin said...

Hey, you'll beat 24 minutes sooner than you think, and sorry about the headaches. blahhh.

Fit Mommy said...

Hi Just a note to say hello. I'm a runner too. Your times are almost identical to mine! Recently, I've added one to two track workouts a week and that has really improved my times!

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