Thursday, September 4, 2008

A changing world.

For today's TIART, Amy and Tom at Runners' Lounge have asked us to show off our running world in pictures.

And so I have pictures for you. Some recent, some older. My running world has changed as my life has and where I run now is v. different from where I ran just four years ago.

Four years ago, I was childless and training for a marathon that ran along the Mohawk and Hudson rivers. I spent a lot of time on that route, especially the trail that winds along the Mohawk, while I was training.

After the marathon, I still ran on the trail, just not as often. I mostly ran routes in my city neighborhood and stuck primarily to 5K races like our local Race for the Cure:

the Freihofer's Run for Women:

and assorted other races. Then, this happened:

I didn't run during my pregnancy but as soon as I was cleared to do so after giving birth, I was back at it. I missed running for those 10+ months and it felt great to get back into it.

A year later, I have a toddler. I fit in my runs when I can and I no longer drive to the wonderful trails on which I used to run. We moved out of the city and into the total suburbs. Now, my runs almost always start at my front door:

and they take me out on to my street, through the winding, hilly roads in my neighborhood:

That's my running world right now. I run when I can, where I can. I toss in a race here and there. Someday, my world may expand again but, for now, this works.


carla said...

such a cool idea for a post.

and yes I especially loved the AND THEN THIS HAPPENED>

so sweet.


Aileen said...

Great pictures, and what a cool story to go with them!

Aron said...

love this post!!! awesome pics and story :)

tfh said...

Love the photos! Love the story they tell. And what a sweet baby picture. Very cool to see that despite the changes (and surely because of one of them!), you're still running happy. :)

E said...

Great pics and a great post!

Mark Salinas said...

Very nice pictures! :)

Marcy said...

Awwhhhh these are great! And look at the Yankee cap! Start em out young, eh? LOL Mr McG had the girls decked out as well when they were younger hehe

kara said...

He looks just like you! : )
Thanks for sharing your journey - nice pics.

Anonymous said...

Getting started back up myself, jogging that is. Kiddos do change the tempo a bit and jogging with a double jogging stroller is a whole new basket of goodies . . . and new muscles to try out.

Great post!

Andrew is getting fit said...

I like your world!

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