Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Alpha, beta . . . and a February recap.

February was an OK running month. I had to skip or shorten a few runs but that's pretty much par for the course when you have a baby and a preschooler. I tackled some tough runs and extended my long run to 12.5 miles. I also ran a strong 9.2-mile leg at the Winter Marathon Relay. So, overall, a decent month. Here's what it looked like:

February stats:

Running (miles): 84.3
Cross-training (sessions): 2

The mileage was lower than planned but it will be back up this month! I'm ready for some nicer weather and evening runs when it is still light out.

*     *     *

I've seen this "ABCs of me" thing going around the blogosphere so I had to jump on the bandwagon and do one. Here goes.

ABCs of me:

  • (A) Age: 40
  • (B) Bed Size: Queen
  • (C) Chore You Really Dislike: Hard to choose just one . . . let's go with mopping. 
  • (D) Dogs? No, no, nope.
  • (E) Essential Start Your Day: Coffee (see T)
  • (F) Favorite Color: Green
  • (G) Gold or Silver? Platinum
  • (H) Height: 5'6"
  • (I) Instruments You Play: Back in the day, I dorked-out on the clarinet and also played the piano.
  • (J) Job Title: Most days it is Mom. When I'm lucky and have some paying work it is freelance writer.
  • (K) Kids: Two boys, one 3.5 years and the other almost 5 months.
  • (L) Live: Upstate New York
  • (M) Mom's Name: Cheryl
  • (N) Nicknames: Mom
  • (O) Overnight Hospital Stays? Yup. One stay when each boy was born and one stay when Conal had croup last spring.
  • (P) Pet Peeve: Gum smacking. Totally creeps me out.
  • (Q) Quote from a Movie: "I can remember lots of things" or "Everyone in this family has gone total outer limits" or really anything else from  Sixteen Candles. 
  • (R) Right or Left Handed? Right.
  • (S) Siblings: Two younger brothers and one younger sister.
  • (T) Time You Wake Up? All through the night. 
  • (U) Underwear: Yes, please.
  • (V) Vegetable You Dislike: I like most of them but I'm not a big fan of turnips.
  • (W) What Makes You Run Late: My boys.
  • (X) X-Rays: Foot, teeth, knee.
  • (Y) Yummy Food You Make: Peanut butter and caramel cheesecake. 
  • (Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal: Tiger

March on, peeps!

~ Felice


Julie D said...

Ha ha... love that you referenced "T" in "E."

Marlene said...

Awesome job in February! I say this all the time, but you really amaze me with all you do! It's hard enough looking after myself!

J said...

I can't imagine running and getting everything done and having two kids! You really are amazing! Hopefully march will be nice and sunny and with no snow!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Thank you for warmer temps and longer days, Mom!

misszippy said...

You're doing a fantastic job with a new little one!

Yay for 16 Candles--the best movie era, if you ask me!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

February was a great month for you - running a speedy race so soon after having your baby! I tried making cheesecake once and never tried again - so double fail, I guess! I'd love to try peanut butter and caramel.

Heather said...

Nice running in February! And that cheesecake sounds delicious! :)

Suzy said...

Great post! I'm going to borrow it. :)

Lindsay said...

LOL on dorking out. Hey I played flute... I'm rightthere with you ;)

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