Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Half marathon training: Check-in #7.

Welcome to check-in #7!

(More information on the Happy Runner Half Marathon Challenge can be found HERE)

Oops! I missed last week so it looks like I'm going to have to double-up and give you week 6 and 7 at once. Fortunately, both were decent weeks, running wise. Otherwise? Well, there were some issues but we won't dwell on them.

What I planned to run / what I ran:

Week 6

Mon: 6 miles easy / Nope. Had to squeeze in the run and only made 4.6 miles.
Tues: rest / Done!
Wed: 4 @ tempo / Done! Ran 5 @ tempo and felt great.
Thurs: rest / Done! 
Fri4 miles easy / Nope. Turned into a rest day . . . darn kids! Ha!
Sat: rest / Done!
Sun: marathon relay / Done! Had a great race (wrote about it HERE)!

Total miles: 19.4 

Week 7 

Mon: rest / Nope. Went for a recovery run: 4.15 nice-n-easy miles
Tues: 5 miles easy / Nope.  
Opted for rest since I skipped my rest on Monday. 
Wed: speed: 3 x 1m @ 5k pace / Nope. Body needed to skip the speedwork. Ran 4.2 easy instead.
Thurs: 4 miles easy  / Nope.  Went for rest.
Fri: rest / Nope.  Ran 3.25 easy.
Sat: 12 mile long run /  Nope.  Sick baby. Couldn't run.
Sun: rest /  Nope.  Baby was still sick, but somewhat better. Ran 12.5 miles on the treadmill. Yikes!

Total miles: 24.1

As you can see, flexibility is the name of the game for me. Although I missed some runs and had to shorten others, I'm still pleased with my training so far.

And that's good because . . . there is just ONE MONTH until race day! Yup -- 13.1 miles in Queens in one month. Can. Not. Wait.

How's your training going?

Happy Wednesday!

~ Felice

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Marlene said...

Good for you exercising that flexibility and staying on top of your training!

Suzy said...

Flexibility with the schedule is key when kids are involved (and yes, husbands count as kids). I can't believe it is in 1 month. Training is going well. My longest run is this weekend, 14 miles. Gah!

Unknown said...

Good job.

I'm trying to adjust my training to accomodate my cranky knee. :/

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I am working on flexibility too--through yoga!! :D

Way to stick to your training routine!! ONE MONTH! You've got this!

macnic said...

Awesome job! 12 miles on the treadmill? YUCK! And I don't mind the treadmill! This week I did my first tempo runs ever! I'm thinking of signing up for an 8k race on the Saturday of the weekend to help get the mileage in to complete the challenge! Looking forward to it.

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