Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Easy breezy running.

So, last week I was all about the hot weather runs. Heat? Humidity? Pshaw. What else you got, July?

Well, apparently, July has cooler temps and lower humidity and wouldn't you know it that means easier runs and faster paces. The highs this week have been only in the low 80s so when I went out for my run yesterday it was probably only about 81 degrees -- much cooler than my 90+ degree runs last week!

The result was 4.2 wonderful miles. I charged up my hills and flew across the flats. I barely felt like I was pushing my pace at all so I was surprised when I finished and saw my overall pace for the run was a hair under 8:30. For the longest time my easy-breezy go-to pace for my 4-5 milers had been 8:45. If I can keep it around 8:30, I'll be psyched.

Speed work tonight!

Totally separate:

The Gore-Tex TransRockies Run will be held this year from August 21-26. They are accepting applications for runners to RUN A DAY WITH DEAN. That Dean would be Dean Karnazes. Ultramarathon Man. Interested? Want to apply? Check out the details HERE. Go, go, go! And good luck if you decide to apply!

~ Felice


J said...

I am loving these cooler temps! I was telling my mom the mornings are feeling more like end of august and into September than end of July! Who knows what is up with the weather but Ill take it!

Unknown said...

Great run! I am right there with you on that runner's high feeling of getting out and running in cooler temps after last week's heat wave...I did 5 on Monday in 68 degree night weather (and some rain), but it felt so great to breath again, I kept going quicker....

keep it up - keep going for those 8:30s and 8:25s - you own them!

Being Robinson said...

i need to live where you do, kansas is still under the 'heat bubble' 107 today. blech!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

So glad you got a break in the heat! Yay for speedy times!

Marlene said...

It's amazing what a difference the change in temperature can make. Good luck on your speed work!

Unknown said...

Good luck with your run!

Heather at CDNY Blogger Meetup shared your blog with me- hoping to meet everyone at a meetup soon! :)

Anonymous said...

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