Friday, September 23, 2011

Ready to toe the line.

I tested out my busted-up toe last night, and I am happy to report that the run went well! I ran 4.2 miles at an 8:30 pace and while my toe hurt some, it wasn't too bad. I can surely handle that level of pain for the half marathon and, really, if I don't run for the next two days it will probably hurt even less on Sunday. So, a win!

And a HUGE relief.

Now, I am ready to set some race day goals!

Normally, I give myself A, B, and C goals. This time, I'm not feeling quite as generous. I have one goal: 1:46:14 or better. 

Why? Because McMillan Running tells me I can*. And, probably more important than that, I believe that I am fully capable of running an 8:07 pace for 13.1 miles. I have a 1:46 half marathon in me. I know I do.

My workouts this training cycle haven't been stellar but my recent race times have been pretty good:

I ran 1:13:59 in the Boilermaker 15K (7:57 pace).
I ran 22:51 in the Freihofer's Run for Women 5K (7:21 pace).

I believe that I have the speed and the endurance to run a fast half marathon. On Sunday, I just need to bring the will. The will to push myself to a 3 minute PR in the half marathon.

You can be sure that I will go for it!

Will you be going for it this weekend? Good luck to everyone racing!

~ Felice

*And, yeah, if you remember from this post, that's pretty close to Sarah Palin's recent half marathon time. I said at the time, "if she can do it, so can I." I stand by that!!

PS!!! I have a giveaway going on over HERE. Through Monday. 


Darlene said...

You can!!!!!!!!!!!

Marlene said...

You sure can do it!!!

Julie D said...

I mentioned the whole Palin thing to my boyfriend, who said, "Yeah, but she probably has lots of experience running away from bears." Bad, but funny.

Good luck!

ihaverun said...

You can. Because I'm counting on McMillain being right when I run my marathon next week!

Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen said...

That's an awesome goal and it sounds like you have the focus and determination to make it happen! I'm in a similar situation - I'm running a half in Nashville tomorrow and have had a bum knee since the end of Aug that obviously affected my running….but I'm going to make it happen - although a little slower and getting a PR. Good luck!

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