Friday, December 23, 2011

Five things Friday.

1. Two days until Christmas! Exciting times -- Conal has never been as in to the whole season as he has been this year. He's anxious for Sunday, but he's enjoying all the build up as he waits. He loves wrapping presents, helping me bake cookies and other goodies, and decorating. The season has been lots of fun this year.

2. Unfortunately, it has also been plagued by some illness and injury. (Not me this time!) Conal came down with strep throat last week (yuck!), a painful rash this week (double yuck!), and then he fell off his new big boy bed last night and smacked his nose on the sharp corner of a wooden chair (I'm going to jump right to quadruple yuck for that one).

Today, my little guy has a badly bruised, slightly swollen, potentially broken nose.

Yeah . . . 

3. Although he had to miss a few days of pre-school last week, including caroling day, Conal was well enough to enjoy his breakfast with Santa on Monday:

and take part in the class play on Wednesday. It was cute. Trust me.

4. My Christmas shopping is officially done! As of yesterday.

I know . . . slacker . . . I know.

5. My power of praise will be tested out in tomorrow's 10-miler. There are 9 of us heading out tomorrow morning and I can't wait to run with such a great group of wonderful women!!

Merry Christmas, everyone. Thanks for stopping by!

~ Felice

PS: I have a quickie little giveaway going on over HERE.


J said...

Have a great Christmas! Hope Conal's nose is not broken!

Michelle said...

My girls and I are running in the morning! Happy Christmas eve!

Nicole said...

Poor Conal, he's having a bit of a bad run! Hopefully his nose isn't broken. Have a happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Conal will be feeling much better on CHristmas morning! Enjoy the Holidays!

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