Thursday, December 1, 2011

November recap and runningskirts deal!

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So, November was an OK running month. I've been dealing with my hamstring/knee/calf/whatever issue so there was a full week when I didn't run. But factoring in the week off I had decent mileage.

November stats:

Running (miles): 75.5
Racing: 2 -- 10K (new PR!) and 5K (also new PR!)
Out of town runs: 1 on Long Island -- the 10K
Cross training: 9

So far this year I've run 953 miles -- a mere 47 miles away from 1,000! I'd love to hit that nice round number and I imagine I will. I can run 47 miles this month, eas

Welcome, December! Hope your November was a good one!

~ Felice


Laura said...

You'll make to your goal...just watch your injury!

Miz said...

what Laura said AND I love me some running skirts.
want me more running skirts....

Marlene said...

You may not have gotten as much mileage in as you'd like, but HELLO two PRs!! Nice job!

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