Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Give it up for the Strong Running Mamas!

Almost two years ago, early on in my second pregnancy, I started a running group to help non-runners become runners and train for a 5K. I've gushed about the group here and there and, honestly, it was a terrific experience. In celebration of their accomplishment, I made up some bracelets for them (and the other rocking mothers who helped with the group).

The bracelets said, "Strong Running Mama" on them because that's what those women had become.

A year later, I started a little Facebook group called Strong Running Mamas and the group has grown from the original dozen or so to almost 50!

These women rock! We support each other, run together, motivation one another -- it is awesome. I love it.

So, I had this idea. You know how people say that if you put something "out there" to the universe, it will happen?

Well, I asked each of the Strong Running Mamas to give me their numero uno goal for 2012 and they did. My idea? I'm going to put their goals "out there" and ask you all to support them as they work to achieve them. I figure, I put their goals "out there" for them, you guys wish them some luck, the universe responds and viola! the Strong Running Mamas accomplish their mighty awesome goals in 2012!

Should work, right?


So . . . the goals. Now, not all the Strong Running Mamas gave me their goals, but a bunch did. Please, friends, read these goals and help me give them some support!

(You can click on the image to enlarge it.)

Awesome running goals, huh?

Leave a comment, send me an email (I'll pass the love along), or just wish the Strong Running Mamas good luck in your mind (or out loud, if you prefer) -- whatever you want. Just help us get the good vibes going for their 2012 goals!

Throughout the year, I plan to check in and see how everyone is doing and I'll let you guys know how the Strong Running Mamas are progressing.

Thanks, friends. Your support will be greatly appreciated!

And, if you believe in karma, you're sure to get something in return ;-)

Have a great day, all!

~ Felice


Anonymous said...

Hi Felice,

I love your blog! I just started training for my first marathon 11 weeks ago...I am doing well but can't help but have doubts. Your blog and others keep me motivated to push onward! I love your running group! What a great group of mamas :)Thanks for encouragement and ideas.

Felice Devine said...

Thanks, Julie! They really are a great group of mamas. Good luck with your training -- what marathon are you running?

TurboTurtle said...

Just found your blog after starting my own, and love the enthusiasm and support your blog emanates! New(ish) to running, training for a 10-Miler, and was encouraged by the goals you posted. Like Heather W., I would love to break 30 minutes for an upcoming 5K. Please pass along good luck from a slow but determined runner!

Melissa said...

This is great! We are so going to crush these goals!

Nicole said...

What a great idea Felice!! I know all those strong mamas, and the rest of us strong mamas, can crush our running goals in 2012!!

Unknown said...

I love this! I'm a big fan of putting goals out there into the universe. Just saying them and putting them out there helps them be more real and I think easier to accomplish.

Felice Devine said...

TurboTurtle -- will do. Good luck with your 10-miler AND go break 30!!

Melissa -- No doubt!!

Nicole -- Thanks, Strong Mama ;-)

Julie -- I agree. Once something is out there, it is real and then you kinda HAVE to make it happen!

Unknown said...

These are great goals; they all seem so achievable.

I'm happy to talk to Elise (with asthma) if she wants. I also have it and, while I have to be careful, I'm way past the point of letting it get in the way of my running.

Miz said...


Liisa Vexler said...

Thank you for sharing these goals with "the universe". Just putting them out there and defining them makes them so achievable.

My achievable goal: Beating my 27 year old self in my first marathon in 11 years.

My dream goal: A 3:49:49 marathon.

Best wishes for 2012 to you and all of your strong running mamas.

Darlene said...

Thanks for the support. I don't know if I will meet my goal this year but I will some day. I have confidence that all the SRM goals are achievable! We ROCK!

─░stanbul Mall said...

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Unknown said...

Awesome goals moms! My goal is to run a sub 1:40 half marathon and sub 4:00 for my second full marathon, while encouraging my little guys to do fun runs with me!

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