Friday, January 4, 2013

Diet-to-go -- feed me!

Around here, I do the cooking. The planning, the shopping, the cooking. That's just what I do.

So, you can imagine that when I got the chance to try out Diet-to-Go, a home diet delivery meal plan, I jumped at it. Because I did. I jumped at it.

And here's the thing. Meals -- healthy ones, no less -- delivered right to my door? That are all prepared and ready for me to just heat up and eat?


One of my favorites:
The fajita omelet with seasoned artichokes.

I was sent nine meals total -- three breakfast meals, three lunches and three dinners. Check out some of the offerings:
  • Fajita omelet with mozzarella cheese and seasoned artichokes
  • Raisin bran muffin, strawberry preserves, yogurt and OJ
  • Mushroom and leek strata with yogurt and V8
  • Turkey sandwich with an apple
  • Chicken philly sub with peach pudding
  • Spaghetti pie with breadsticks
  • Tamale pie with corn-on-the-cob, baked potato with sour cream, and breadsticks

Overall, I totally enjoyed the meals. They were surprisingly tasty. I was expecting the meals to be maybe one step up from frozen supermarket diet meals and I was completely wrong. The fajita omelet, for example, was delicious. It made me wish that I was the type of person who woke up early and could make omelets for breakfast every day. It was really good, really filling. And the side of seasoned artichokes was unexpected and a nice complement to the omelet.

One of my other favorites was the mushroom and leek strata. I could eat that every day! And the tamale pie was seriously spicy -- yummy and good spicy, but unexpectedly so.

There were a few things that I thought were a wee bit weird. Like the combination of the tamale pie with corn-on-the-cob, baked potato with sour cream, and bread sticks  It was a bit of carb over-kill, in my opinion, and didn't require the bread sticks (so I didn't eat them). And you know, the peach pudding was just strange. Not bad -- it certainly tasted good -- but it was strange to me. I think it would have been better to just serve up some peaches. But that's me.

I love raisin bran muffins!
Which is weird, since I don't even like raisins...
Now, here's something I learned during this whole eating-the-prepared-Diet-to-Go-meals thing: If you plan it right, you can probably eat a lot more food for a lot fewer calories than you might expect.

How's that for a clunky sentence?

What I mean by this is that I was surprised by how few calories were in each meal -- and how filling they all were. It was eye-opening. I've always known that meal planning is the way to go when you want to eat healthy and Diet-to-Go proved that once again.

The one downside for me was all the packaging. Every meal used a lot of containers and plastic wrap and just packaging in general. For someone who tries to use as little packaging as possible, this was a negative.

But Diet-to-Go certainly makes healthy eating easy -- and delicious. The company has been around for over 20 years and they have consistently been ranked a top pick in taste tests and they just won "top meal plan" in a national blind taste test conducted by Epicurious.

There are three meal plans that you can choose from: Traditional low-fat (which is what I tried), vegetarian, and low-carb. If you decide to buy the meals, they don't require a contract and the plans start at $95.99 per week.

And, hey, lucky you: Right now (through January 8th) they are offering a New Year's Sale where you can save 25% on your order (making the meal plan $71.99 per week). Use the coupon code: newyear2013.

But wait! There's more! 

Diet-to-Go is giving away 1000 meals in a sweepstakes that is running now through February 1st. You gotta be in it to win it so why not enter? Just go to the sweepstakes page and enter to win a month or a week of meals.

Check out the web site to learn more about Diet-to-Go.

Have you tried Diet-to-Go? Had success with diet delivery plans? Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Felice

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own.


Anonymous said...
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Meredith said...

I've never tried a diet delivery program, but it looks interesting. Glad you found it tasty! I wonder how they are about catering to different needs and preferences.


Dude that Fajita omelette looks BOMB! And those artichokes, Diet to Go knows how to make GiGi a happy girl!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great!

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