Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I am THAT runner.

It occurred to me on Monday -- and some of your will guffaw and think that it should have occurred to me long, long ago -- that I am, truly, that runner.

That overly-excited-about-all-things-running runner.

That probably-super-annoying-to-all-non-runners runner.

That holy-cow-she's-insane runner.

That runner.

So why did it suddenly occur to me on Monday? Well, I was planning to run with Elisa and Bridget, 4 easy miles from Bridget's house at 9:30. Owen was taking the boys sledding, leaving the house a little after 9, so I asked him to drop me off at Bridget's on the way.

As we drove down our street, Owen turned to me and asked if Bridget knew I was coming over. "Of course," I answered. "We made a plan to run."

"I mean, does she know you're going to be there early."

"Oh," I said. "Well, you're just going to drop me off and I'll run around her neighborhood until it is time to meet."

He gave me a look.

"What?" I asked.

"What. That's normal. You're just going to run around her neighborhood, waiting for her to come out. . . "

And we laughed. And then he dropped me off and I did just that -- I ran around her neighborhood until 9:30 when she came out of her house and Elisa drove up.

To me, it was perfectly normal. I mean, why not take advantage of the extra time and get in a little extra mileage?

But it got me thinking. Thinking of all the ways I am that runner. And there are many. How could I have missed the obvious clues in all of these that runner things that I do, like . . .

  • wearing smelly running clothes because my running has outpaced my laundering;
  • finding myself with 35 extra minutes before pre-school pickup and filling those minutes with a 4-mile run;

  • becoming ridiculously happy when a friend decides to take up running;
  • feeling a pang (or several pangs) of envy when I see others out running -- and it is a rest day for me;
  • savoring Every. Single. Page of each issue of Runner's World magazine -- even all those pages that don't apply to me at all;
  • having Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feeds full of runners, especially Paleo-eating, crossfit-dabbling runner mothers;
  • knowing just what to wear for a run, but being sorta clueless about what to wear otherwise;
  • feeling almost more joy for fellow runners' running accomplishments than for my own;
  • owning multiple pairs of all the key types of running socks, including compression socks, toe socks, no-show socks, extra-lightweight socks, and heavier winter running socks;
  • remembering marathon training with a tad of longing;
  • packing running gear -- every trip, no matter what;
  • getting giddy about new running shoes -- especially running shoes that match, serendipitously, my favorite running capris;
  • strapping YakTrax on to my running shoes to head out for a run on snow-covered streets;
  • gabbing about running until, I'm sure, the people around me wish to put a cork in me!
I could go on and on. The examples are many. Writing this blog is probably one of them.

But, yeah, I am that runner. Oh, well. I am who I am!

Are you that kind of runner, too? What clues do you have? 

Thanks for stopping by!


Running Librarian said...

I think it is great that you are that kind of runner! I started my blog so that I didn't talk peoples ears off about my running..not sure it helped..I think I talk ppls ears off about running lol

Darlene said...

Yup. I'm that runner.

Doesn't go on vacation unless there is a race nearby.

Felice Devine said...

Running Librarian: Yeah, I don't think starting my blog help me stop talking either!!

Felice Devine said...

Darlene -- You are TOTALLY that runner!! I know that for sure :-)

Tami mommy of Ten said...

:D You have no idea(well actually you do) how excited I am that my non-running neighbor is now up to 10 miles with me, and registered for her first half marathon. She has only officially run 2 5ks. She is so addicted now! I can see her house through the field, and think about how amazingly convenient it is for us both. I am sort of THAT runner that is hoping she will love that April half so much she registers for the full I am running in the fall.:D

Felice Devine said...

Oh, yes, Tami! You are THAT runner! I'm glad you have found people to run with out there :-)

Unknown said...

This is awesome!!! I think being "that runner" is awesome!!! Sure, everyone (at least runners) do most of the things on your list!!!

Michael said...

Great blog post! But now you have me thinking.... Am I "that" runner too? Apparently, the answer is yes.

Felice Devine said...

Michael -- Let's see...you read running blogs...you're probably *that* runner!

Unknown said...

Proud to be THAT runner :) It's a great thing isn't it?

Bridget said...

That was funny. Of course this was normal behavior. Owen just doesn't understand! LOL

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