Thursday, April 17, 2014

All the fun!

It is Spring Break here in upstate New York and that means we're having tons of fun!

For me, it started Saturday morning with a 6-mile run with Bridget, Elisa, Janis and Janis' sister-in-law, Caitlin. Easy run with good friends -- such a good way to start the weekend!

Then, Saturday night, we had Bridget's birthday bash! It started with a little pre-party at her house:

Cheers! (that's me, Bridget and Janis)

And then the actual party was at a fun local bar.

Happy friends celebrating Bidget's 40th!
It was an A+ party, for sure.

On Monday, I took the boys on a "big adventure" to the American Museum of Natural History. I'd planned the trip with my cousin and she and I took our four boys there for the day. With all of the travel and the time at the museum we were together for 12 hours -- and the boys had a blast!

The boys -- ready to go!

Conal, Sean, Ian and Niall hanging out with Theodore Roosevelt.

My boys and the lions.

On Tuesday we were wiped out so we had a hang-out-in-pajamas-and-play kind of day.

Then, Owen's cousin asked him if we wanted to go to the Yankees game on Wednesday. Well. I had to think about that. The boys had never been to a game but it was going to be chilly and we'd had -- and planned to have -- a lot going on this week. Did we need another trip to NYC?

Another big day?

Another day of full-on fun?

Of course we did!

So, we said yes and we had a spectacular day.

Outside the stadium after a fun train ride.

The family at the game! It ended up being perfect weather -- we were so lucky!

The ride home -- the boys were BEAT.

What now? Well, we're going to keep on having all the fun. Why not? Spring Break isn't over yet!

Hope you all are having a great week! Thanks for stopping by.

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Adriana said...

Looks like a fun filled Spring Break. I'm afraid to take my toddler to any museum other than the children's one. She can't keep her hands off anything and has to climb on everything.

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