Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is this totally geeky?

So, I mentioned that I was out of town for a few days. This meant that with all the family action, I missed the last days of the Olympics (Thurs -- Sun). I knew this was going to happen before we left, so I made sure to DVR the coverage from Friday and Saturday evenings.

I've been watching it since I got home.

Sunday night, it was the men's marathon and the men's and women's 4x400 relays. Last night, the men's 800 and 5000. Tonight? Not sure -- I think there are a few events from Friday's coverage that I still have to watch.

Yes. I am keeping these Olympics going.

In other (non) news, I was back to running yesterday and feeling really good. I've been hampered by my right hamstring and left ITB, as well as all the family events we've had going on. But yesterday I was back! No soreness at all with the hammie or ITB. What a good start to the week!


tfh said...

Glad you had a feel good run!

Boy do I wish I could watch that men's marathon again for the first time...amazing...

Marcy said...

No worries! I'd be doing it too! LMAO! That stuff is addicting. I'm actually kinda glad it's over. Many a nights I've gotten zero sleep LOL

carla said...

and? hammie still good this morning too?



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