Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another "not racing."

But this time, it isn't because of an injury.

I'm not racing tomorrow even though I've long had plans to run a turkey trot. At first, I'd planned to run a local turkey trot with friends. Our plan was to stay local for Thanksgiving this year and so I would run a 10K to start the day. Superstorm Sandy changed everything and now we're headed to Long Island for the holiday instead.

So I found a 5 mile turkey trot on Long Island that I'd run several years ago. But, unfortunately, registration closed before I got a chance to get myself together and register. You snooze, you lose. I snoozed and lost.

No turkey trot for this happy runner.

Still happy, though. I'll map out a run and head out tomorrow morning anyway. The weather is supposed to be perfect so why not?

Are you running a turkey trot tomorrow? Just running on your own? 
Have fun whatever you do!

Just go easy on the mashed taters.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Felice


Amy Z said...

Hi! New reader/blogger here. I am doing a 5K turkey trot and making my (non-runner) boyfriend run it with me. I have never raced a 5K before (hate the pressure to be fast!) and I can't decide if I should run it for fun with him or actually go ahead and try to race it. Dilemma!

quix said...

We have a 5 mile turkey trot here which I've done every year since 2008. Can't beat 5 miles with 21,000 of your closest friends to stave off the turkey calories :D.

It's a long shot, but you could try emailing the race director, tell him your story about the change of plans, and see if perhaps they have anything they can do?

Bill Fine said...

For the first time since starting my running "career" in 2008, I'll be running a local 5K turkey trot tomorrow morning!

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