Thursday, November 8, 2012


Each month since my marathon in May, I've run fewer and fewer miles. Check it out:

June: 100
July: 94.1
August: 80.8
September: 81.6
October: 57.4

57.4?!?! And that included a half-marathon?


The even greater yikes is the impact that this downward mileage trend has made on my life. My mileage reduction has resulted in a weight increase. Of 7 pounds. Seven pounds since the marathon.

What the what!?!?

This was me, the day before the marathon. Those jeans fit perfectly back then. Perfectly.
If I'm honest, they're a bit snug right about now. Not cool.

Clearly, I have been eating as if I am still running 30 miles a week, not the puny mileage I've actually been doing. I need to get that in check. After all, I'm not that young anymore so pounds gained now could easily become pounds that never go away. I'd like to shake of these 7 now, please.

And, really? I blame giving-in-to-temptation for the gain. Halloween candy? Hand it over. Toddler didn't finish his lunch? I will. No one is eating that last half of English muffin? With all that butter on it? Fine, I'll eat it.

Yeah, no more of that.

Conveniently, there are about 7 weeks between now and the end of the year. I'm pretty sure I can manage to drop these 7 extra pounds by then. And that's my goal. Clean up my eating habits, get my mileage back up, lose the extra 7.

Think I can do it? 

I'll let you know.

~ Felice


Gina Horkey said...

Good luck! Very doable goal:-)

Darlene said...

Yes, you can.

Quix said...

Totally doable, I'm in the same boat! Looking forward to the offseason and tackling a few of these vacation-lbs-that-never-went-away-with-two-tapers.

macnic said...

This is my fear as well as my mileage is also starting to drop. Lucky for me, today I weighed in at my lowest weight since highschool. I'm with you though! You can do it and I'd love to do the same!

Felice Devine said...

macnic -- lowest weight since HS?!? Wowzer!! Good for you.

Quix -- I definitely think that my vacation was a factor. It always is!

AmyC said...

You can do it! Been there myself all too recently ;)

Anonymous said...

Just think of it as your off-season "taper"

Judy Mick said...

I'm sure that you'll be able to do it!

A few pounds is normal anyway after a marathon or half marathon with the reduction in mileage.

We've all been there!

Anonymous said...

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