Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey(ish) trotting.

Not having a formal turkey trot to run this year didn't stop me. Thursday was a beautiful day and I got out for a great run:

My own personal 10K in 54:29. Not bad! Best of all is that I felt super while running. A great way to enjoy the day.

And then there was the rest of the day. We were down on Long Island at my mother-in-law's house for a few days and Thanksgiving dinner was at my sister-in-law's newly renovated house. It was perfect for the large gathering.

The family -- heading out for Thanksgiving dinner.

We had lots of fun and a great time catching up with family that we don't see all that often.

On Friday morning I decided to extend my turkey trotting, this time working a mile time trial into a 4-mile run:

Loved running that sub-7 minute mile the morning after an indulgent Thanksgiving!

And now, we're back home, back to the routine.

Did you run or race on Thanksgiving? How did it go? 

I have to give a special bloggy cheer to my little sister who, on Thursday, ran her very first 5K ever! Way to go, Claire! And, while I'm at it, I'll cheer for my pal, Bridget, who ran a 10K PR on Thanksgiving, too.

Have a great week!

~ Felice


Happy Running Mama said...

How fun that you ran your own 10k! My husband and I ran an actual 10k race on Thanksgiving but after standing around in the cold 36 degree weather for an hour waiting for the race to begin, we were wishing we had just done our own 10k run together.

Awesome mile time trial, too! I want to do that one of these days but just haven't been motivated to try it.

Hope you have a great week, too!

Becky at Prairie Runner said...

Wow- great mile pace!!! You are speedy!!!

quix said...

You so speedy :) We did a 5 miler on t-day and it was a personal worst for me, but 11 days after a marathon that was fine and it was good to just get out and waddle before I gobbled. :)

Anonymous said...

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