Tuesday, August 27, 2013

When bad math equals a good run.

Late last week, Bridget and I agreed to meet up for a 12-mile run on Saturday morning. Around the same time, Elisa and Gail were making plans to run 12 as well. At one point, their plan was to run on the bike path in Niskayuna -- too far for Bridget and I to meet them on this particular Saturday.

So, there was talk of meeting in Poestenkill -- closer, yes, but also hillier. Given how my running had gone last week, I needed to avoid hills. My hip was acting up (no big surprise since I was coming off an aggressive 10-mile race) so I told Bridget I needed to run somewhere flat.

There was a lot of back and forth about the plan and, while I was out enjoying a kid-free evening with my husband, Bridget and Elisa ended up finalizing it. Bridget and I would meet at 8:00. Elisa and Gail would meet at 7:00. They'd run 6 miles by themselves during that time, meet us, and we'd all run 6 together.

The only problem is, their plan called for us to meet at a spot that was 6 miles from where Bridget and I were planning to start.

The plan was victim of a little bit of bad math.

Fortunately, Elisa re-checked the calculations and caught the bad math before we started out on Saturday. Even more fortunately, she and Gail scrapped their plans to start in Niskayuna and decided the run the entire 12 miles with Bridget and me.


With a new plan, we took off all together and tackled 12 enjoyable miles! We banged out 8 strong miles in just under 10-minute pace. Then, we dropped the pace and ran the last 4 miles in 9:10, 9:01, 8:56 and 8:59. Go, negative splits!

Gail, Elisa, Bridget and me after the run.
Thanks to some bad math, Bridget and I got to run with Gail and Elisa for the full 12 miles. And it was a great run!

Long runs with friends truly rock.

Have a great week, everyone. Thanks for stopping by!

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