Monday, December 3, 2012

November recap.

November was a month of re-focusing for me. August, September and October were so up-and-down for me. Although I ran half marathons in September and October, I didn't run much in the weeks after each of them. So, my mileage was down.

I just needed to be consistent again. And that is what happened in November: I was much more consistent, with every week a 20+ mile week.

Sure, I need breaks now and then but I've learned a few things about myself and one of those things is that I run my best and feel my best when I am running consistently. One other thing I've learned is that trying to do a plank every day is waaaaaaaay too much pressure for me. The pressure of having to do planks has completely turned me off and I think I did a grand total of 3 all month. I believe in them, however, so from  now on I plan to do them when I feel like it -- shooting for at least twice a week. We'll see how that goes!

Anyway, here's a look at my month of November:

Running (miles): 87.8
Races: 1 -- the Valatie Veteran's Day 5K, where I set a new PR! (22:18)
Cross training (sessions): 4
Planks: 3

Love that new PR!

Now: Welcome, December! I kicked the month off with 5+ miles on Saturday and 3.5 on Sunday. In between, I enjoyed a fun night out with two great friends (and our husbands):

And capped-off the weekend with a birthday dinner for my dad last night.

Great way to start the month!

How was your November? Do you have big plans for December?

Have a great week, everyone!

~ Felice


Becky at Prairie Runner said...

November was a month focused on balance and cross-training, Will continue that for one more month and the begin training!!! I hope I can keep up the swimming!

Fran Johnson said...

November was a great month for me. It was the month I ran both my third half marathon, The Bass Pro in Springfield, MO and set a PR of 1:50.52 and ran my final 5K (Joplin Turkey Trot) for that month which I got a PR in as well with a 24:01 running sick! The end of November I started to kick my training up a notch adding cross training. I've been enjoying planking every day and lifting weights a couple of times a week, trying to get stronger for my first full marathon coming up in March, the Little Rock Marathon. Between now and then, not many races on the list since I haven't seen many in my area of Joplin, MO. Our Chilly 5K event is coming January 1st. I plan to get a 22:00 or better 5K. I say that because my first three mile split in my last half marathon was 21:50.

Thanks and have a great day!

Caroline Thomas said...

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The Happy Runner said...

Great job, Fran! Good luck in the 5K -- breaking 22 would be awesome!

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