Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OK, Jackie, you've won me over.

I haven't been cross-training much. As in, other than the push-up challenge and some walks, I'm not cross training at all.

Until tonight.

I turned on Exercise TV on-demand to do a non-running workout. I flicked through the offerings and settled on Jackie Warner's One-on-One Lower Body workout. It was awesome! So awesome that I followed it up with her Upper Body workout. Again, awesome. The workouts are from her DVD: One-On-One Training with Jackie, which I have decided I really need. The workouts were quick and tough. There were several moves that I had never done before and as soon as they were over, I was really feeling it. Right now? As I'm typing? My arms are TIIIIIIRED. But good tired.

Ah, yes. Cross-training will now be a priority. Second to running, of course :-)


carla said...



Im in to try the warnerworkout.

I wonder, can I rent it from blockbuster?!


Felice Devine said...

Yes! You can! At least they have it listed on the Blockbuster site.

tfh said...

It's on Netflix too...will add it to my queue! Nice job-- it looks TOUGH!

Mark Salinas said...

Running of course! Thanks for sharing.. :)

Unknown said...

You can also preview Jackie's workouts here:

Have you tried Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred #2 or #3 on ExerciseTV? I'm a triathlete and #2 kicks my butt!

It's a great combo of sculpting and cardio.

Felice Devine said...

Chris -- Yes, I've tried the shreds and they are tough! I like the other Biggest Loser one, too. I did that a lot over the winter.

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