Monday, July 25, 2011

Go . . . 10!

Yesterday was my long run, and it was a joy to finally get that run back into double-digits. Since it was going to be hot again, I wanted to head out early and figured I could go right after feeding Niall between 7 and 7:30. That meant that I needed to have something to eat (I cannot run 10 miles on an empty stomach) around 5:30. Forutnately -- ha, ha! -- Niall wakes up around then for a quick feed and then goes back to sleep for two hours before getting up for the day. So, when I fed him at 5:40, I ate a bar. Then, when he woke for the day, I fed him, got ready and off I went!

The Plan: 10 miles at 9:30 pace. If I felt good, speed up over the final 2-3 miles. 

The Run: 10 miles at 9:20 pace. Felt good. Sped up and ran the last 2 miles at 8:30 pace. 

Check out my elevation:

I always mean to plug in my runs and get my elevation but forget. My routes feel hilly and it looks like they truly are. As you can see, the first half mile is a pretty steep incline and right around mile 1 I get a nice downhill for about 2 or so miles. From mile 3.5 through 6.5, though, it is just about all uphill before heading down again for a half mile and then up and down for the last three miles.

Overall, my run was great. In fact, I would say it was exactly what I wanted in my long run! I drank about 32oz of Gatorade, which was the perfect amount, and I wore my fancy compression socks, which kept my legs peppy.

I also ran without my jelly beans. Gasp!

I know, crazy. But, I had run out of them and, honestly, I would like to break the habit. They've worked well for me but, you know, they are full-on sugar and do I really want to be relying on full-on sugar for my long run fuel? Can't I find something better?

Well, I'm trying. Two things: I ate a PR bar about 2 hours before I went out for my run. (Review on that to come.) And, I carried a Larabar with me to eat while I was running. But, I never needed to eat it. (Hmm . . . maybe that PR bar worked . . . ) That's my new plan: Try to eat something other than jellybeans during my long runs. We'll see how it works.

So far, so good! Week 1 of half-marathon training -- DONE.

Hope you all had a great weekend -- and have a good week ahead!

~ Felice


Meghan said...

Nice work! Keep it up!

Unknown said...

way to nail that 10 miler!

Being Robinson said...

nice 10 miler, i love that you find the time to fit it in while still being a mommy! so awesome.

J said...

Nice job - at least we got a little break from the heat now. I have stopped fueling on runs - I know I can get through a run with just water in the summer for now, so I just try to do that. Don't know how I would be if i raced in the heat.

Suzy said...

I absolutely love your dedication to the run. And the elevation, I doubt I'd survive your running route.

macnic said...

Great run. I agree that eating is a must, especially if you're nursing right before a run. Too bad bananas don't travel well - they'd be awesome during a run I'd think. Personally, I like GUs or GU Chomps.

Lindsay said...

Awesome 10-miler Felice! I don't think I even want to attempt that in a pool down here right now. So muggy!

Marlene said...

Long runs are the perfect time for guilt-free sugar. :)

Awesome job on the 10-miler!!

Morgan said...

great job!

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