Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Embracing the taper.

You want to know what a 22 mile run does for a runner? It makes her -- or, OK, me -- embrace the taper.

True story.

Before my 22-miler, I was not looking forward to my taper. Not at all. I've enjoyed this marathon training so much and the thought of scaling back made me feel, well, a little sad. I didn't want the training to come to an end.

Then I ran 22 miles.

And after that? I gave the concept of the three week taper a big ol' hug. So to speak.

Yes, I get it now. I understand. I've been building and building and my foundation was getting stronger and stronger. Now, I need to scale back and let that foundation solidify, let that strength settle-in.

And, yeah, let my legs catch a little rest.

So, thank you, 22 mile run. When I started running you, I wanted nothing to do with the taper. By the time Melissa and I clicked "stop" on our Garmins and you were another successful run in the training log, I was ready to embrace the taper for all it is worth.

Taper madness has nothing on me!


~ Felice


Evolving Through Running said...

Really like the description of 'letting that foundation solidify'. Picturing a big slab of concrete hardening and readying for the next step in construction. Nice imagery - and best of luck in your upcoming race.

Unknown said...

Nothing like a 22 miler to make you grateful for rest! Great job!


Great job and enjoy the taper! Erica

Elle said...

I think I am looking forward to the taper for my half coming up....

Good for you and hope you have a good marathon experience.

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