Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Favorite marathon workout.

I have a new favorite workout, my friends. I still love the long run (woo hoo ~ 22 on the schedule for Sunday!) and I'll always be a fan of 400s at 5K pace and 200s at mile pace.

But! This new favorite rocks and I really, really, really hope it sets me up to run well on May 6th.

The workout in question? Two-mile repeats. I love this workout. To paraphrase Ferris, the workout is choice.

Today was the second time I knocked off two-mile repeats. (They've been on the schedule three times but I had to miss one workout when I was sick.) The way that I run them is like this:

1.5 miles warm-up (going from 10:00 pace to 9:00 pace)
2 miles at slightly faster than marathon goal pace (around 8:20)
quarter mile rest
2 miles as above (8:20 pace)
1.25 miles cool-down
7 miles total

It rocks! Because the pace is not killer, I never feel like I'm dying while running the fast portions. But, two miles is a fairly long fast interval, so I definitely feel like I am pushing it and making myself work. Since I run them at a little faster than marathon goal pace, the workout is a good mental one. A confidence booster, for sure.

My one regret with this training cycle is that I haven't run two-mile repeats more often. And I wish I could do three of them, instead of just two. But, I have the time for two so that's what I do.

I'm already looking forward to running them next week!

What is your favorite running workout? 
Any other two-mile repeat lovers out there?

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Felice


Bill Fine said...

love that's one I definitely plan to work in when I'm training for my fall marathon!

justme said...

been doing 400 repeats but i think i recall enjoying some mile repeats....

Anonymous said...

I'm an 800 meter interval girl. I love that I can watch my fastest intervals get faster over the course of my training schedule. But, I'm also starting to throw in some mile repeats at slightly-faster-than-5K-pace. Since I just started doing speed work this year, I am loving seeing the improvement.

Kenley said...

If you don't repeat it does it count? lol. I do the same but it's more like 4 or so miles with the middle 2 miles slightly faster than mp. But with that said, I will have to give it a go. Right now, my favorite work out for training is fartlek runs on the treadmill, but I do it by time rather than distance. 5 minutes go go, then 5 minutes slower. It's fun

Suzy said...

It is a great workout, but I do a 1 mile warm/rest/cool with the 2 miles in the middle...still end up with 7 miles. Maybe I'll change it up and rest less and warm up more. Tks for the idea.

Camacho said...

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