Monday, June 13, 2011


Before I get to the 17.5, let me say this: A morning well-child doctor's visit, complete with three shots and a certain 4-year-old freaking out beyond all measure of imagination at the mere mention of those shots, followed by several hours at an amusement park for a preschool end-of-the-year picnic does not equal an easy day. Oh, no. In fact, it equals an exhausting "is 5:00 too early for bed?" type of day.

Yeah, that was me trying to leave the amusement park, pushing my 8-month old in the stroller with one hand while carrying my 41lb screaming 4-year-old football hold style with the other hand.

What a Monday.

Anyway . . . prior to today's exhausting events I got in three awesome runs. Not all in one day but, hey, they were great. On Friday, I ran 4.5 easy miles. The weather was sketchy on Saturday so I almost skipped my run but then headed out for 5 fast miles. My long run for this week of my 15K training cycle was 8 miles and I ran them in a straight 9-min pace. This was my longest run since the half marathon in April (training for the 5K, my longest run was 6.5 miles) and, fortunately, I felt terrific. I could have kept going!

All told, 17.5 miles from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

Which means that today is a rest day. Too bad because I really could use a run -- 4-year-olds can do that to you (especially the tired and sore-from-shots 4-year-olds!).

I'll settle for early bedtime instead.

Have a good night!

~ Felice


Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

I hope you get some rest!

Lisa said...

early rest today, run tomorrow. it will be a win-win!

J said...

Aww stinky day - hopefully tomorrow will be better! Great job on the weekend runs! Looking strong for Boilermaker!

Suzy said...

Ah, such fond memories you bring up. I've had more than my share of days like that. They do get better although the challenges change as they get older. I *almost* wish I could still football hold mine.

Marlene said...

Great running this weekend! Hope you have recovered from the doctor + amusement park day.

macnic said...

I know how you feel. 100%. Hope the four year old recovers and you enjoy the sleep!

Tricia said...

hope you got that rest!

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